Let's Fold Scarves

April 19, 2015

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion represents a landmark moment in cinema, ostensibly a Rom Com it actually bears few of the hallmarks of the genre.  Despite Michele having a love interest - coupled with one of the most epic dance scenes ever created - in good-geek-gone-rich Sandy, he pails into insignificance when compared to the friendship which she shares with Romy and the Happily Ever After moment, is not her wedding or going off into the sunset with the man of her dreams, it is her and her best friend folding scarves in the shop they dreamed of owning.
Now what on earth does this have to do with fashion? we hear you ask. Well have you seen Saint Laurent's AW15 collection?! With references cited from Siouxsie Sioux to a sunset-strip groupie, Hedi Slimane's collection has proved as divisive as ever but love it or loathe it, there s one thing that we are sure of and that is that Hedi Slimane enjoyed Romy and Michele's High School Reunion every bit as much as we did. From the fishnet tights, to the classic prom dress shapes, each piece in the collection would have been equally at home in the film.

 Images courtesy of Style.com

Gimme Gimme Moore

April 8, 2015

Photography by Erika Pham

Okay, okay, I admit it. I've kind of fallen in lust with the 70s trend. Of course there are the boho derivative pieces, but right now, I've been drawing fashispiration from the ultimate career woman, Mary Tyler Moore (who deserves a style icon post in her own right). Her looks from the show were charming but solidly put-together which I tried to channel in today's OOTD. 

Haters Gonna Hate

April 4, 2015

Dear readers, as you know R.F.H.Q is usually awash with positivity - so peppy you could puke. But even we have our limits and unless you are criminally insane, it is impossible to be happy about everything all of the time. Fact. So here follows a list of just some of the things that we just cannot stomach.

Denim Jackets
Hate, when it is at its most potent and therefore most dangerous, is entirely unreasonable. This is the type of hatred that I have for denim jackets. It is akin to that harboured by Draco Malfoy for Harry Potter. Even Morgan Freeman, with his velvet, soothing voice could say nothing to quash my feelings of disgust; It flies in the face of reason and smashes good sense in the face. It doesn't matter how many girls I see looking awesome, or how many outfits I see being enhanced by the addition of a denim jacket. This is a phobia that has stood the test of time. Regardless of whether they are on trend, there is no way that I will have anything to do with one. If you don't have your principles, then you don't have anything.

If you absolutely must, then at least make it oversized

Lip Gloss
Admittedly this is less of a problem since we both chopped our locks off,  but is there a sensation more unpleasant than your hair sticking to your shiny shiny lips? Answers on a postcard please. We will not be accepting entries from anyone who has suffered real hardship. Obvs. 

At least Rihanna's Viva Glam lipglass comes with the happy feeling of money going to charity. 

Harem Pants
“Oh, harem pants, they’re innocuous enough,” we hear you say and yeah okay, it’s true, MC Hammer will be forever cool. But boy oh boy, do those trousers look terrible on us. Back in Japan when we are at the height of self-loathing and absolutely desperate to be Asian – it’s fine though now guys, don’t feel sad, we have fully embraced our Halfricaness - we would sit together longing for longer torsos. That’s what harem pants did to us, they made us want shorter legs. Think about that for just one moment. These trousers with a dropped crotch, which effectively make you look as though you have shat yourself, gave us low self-esteem.  Still think they’re harmless? 

We imagine this Rick Owens pair might be quite nice to do a spot of yoga in.  


In our humble opinion, touching corduroy is equivalent to hearing nails scratching on a chalkboard. Unbelievably unbreathable, uncomfortably stiff, and ferociously fuzz-attracting -- why would you want to adorn your mortal vessel in such an irritating fabric? Life's too short for corduroy, honey.

Like a spoonful of sugar, this lovable 70s inspired a-line skirt from Topshop helps the corduroy go down.  

Butterfly Print 
Actually make that, butterfly tattoos and butterfly jewellery as well. The only thing that we want to see a showboating moth on, is a flower. No exceptions. Yeah, we really have nothing remotely tolerable for that one. 

What brings out your fashion-based hater? Vent to us in the comments! 

Ooh La La - Armor Lux x Topshop

April 2, 2015

There are few things as synonymous with France as the Breton top. Designed as a way of locating sailors tossed overboard, the Breton was introduced as in 1858 as the official uniform for the French navy; The original had 21 stripes, each stripe representing one of Napoleon's victories. However, it's probably fair to say that the association with the tiny general has all been but lost, since replaced by images of Audrey Hepburn, Jean Paul Gaultier and of course, Brigitte Bardot, looking resplendent in stripes.
Alongside Frédérique Tietcheu and red wine, the Breton is one of our favourite French exports. So it was with no small amount of glee, that we discovered that Armor Luxwho two years ago celebrated 70 years of perfect stripes with a lovely coffee table book, have collaborated with Toppers on a four-piece collection of French fisherman vibes.

The collection is available online and in the Oxford Circus Flagship store. 

The New Basics

March 22, 2015

Lately, I have been on a bit of a minimalism kick. This has primarily sprouted from moving from England to the USA and having most of my stuff in shipment limbo for a couple months. I was pretty devastated that my favorite boyfriend shirt was not at my sartorial beck and call but aside from that I've enjoyed analyzing what are my fashion necessities. This outfit is a demonstration of what I consider a part of my new fashion basics.
However, what makes these photos definitely not basic is the photographic skill of Erika Pham, who shot these photos with me in San Francisco. These photos have been long in the works, as she was one of the first cheerleaders of my interest in fashion blogging back in our Tokyo days. RF readers can look forward to seeing more of her work on the blog as we are now living in the same city once again. Definitely have a look at her own photography blog and I must add she is very fashionable in her own right! 

Happy New Year

March 20, 2015

Despite claiming to abhor the hippie-dippy nonsense that the 70's trend tends to evoke, we find ourselves here at RF HQ – you know that spatial plane floating somewhere between London and San Francisco where all Lil’ Wayne and unicorn communication happens – thinking about the Spring Equinox. Don’t be alarmed, you’re unlikely to find either of us prancing around a forest getting in touch with nature, we still have more than enough shade to throw. However, call us crazy, you won’t be the first (Brandon and Jennie, we’re looking at you two), but for us the New Year begins not on the first of January as everyone would have you believe, but on the first day of Spring. Wait! Hear us out, if Spring’s mascots of lambs, chicks and flowers aren't living metaphors for new beginnings, then we don’t know what is.
The advent of Spring feels like a much more sound time of year to make New Years resolutions. At least there is a glimmer of hope that you will actually keep them. But more important than fixing bad habits, Spring is the time for trying new things, both generally and sartorially.

With no intention of trying bungee jumping or anything like that, here are the some of the Spring trends that we are going to sink our teeth into:

Flares (the cropped ones if we can get our grubby mitts on them)
Seen at Celine and Calvin Klein 

We love these cropped flares from Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and Zara